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Your tires are at the heart of your vehicle’s performance and that’s why Michelin® strives to provide quality options that are built to go the distance. There are several different tire designs available with one very important thing in common, which is the precision, care, and excellence that goes into the manufacturing process. Michelin® is extremely diligent in their offerings and tests its tires over 1 billion miles per year.

There’s simply no other company with the same level of commitment and passion as Michelin®. Be sure to visit Advanced Tire & Auto Service in Greenville, SC to get the Michelin® tires that your vehicle deserves!

Traveling Family Car

When you’re looking for quality passenger car tires that are durable and perform well, Michelin® has plenty of available options that’ll meet your needs. Each option has different features, such as all-season traction, a quieter ride, wear-resistance, and more. Michelin® offers tires for passenger cars, performance cars, minivans, and more.

Passenger Car Tires
Truck on road

It’s only natural to crave the best tires for your light truck or SUV and Michelin® understands that. There are a variety of crossover/SUV tires to choose from so you’ll be able to find the right fit. Whether you need rugged tires for off-road adventures or fuel-efficient tires with long-lasting tread, there something for everyone.

Light Truck & SUV Tires
Japanese Semi Truck

Commercial trucks mean business and their tires should, too. Michelin® knows the importance of truck tires that can handle even the toughest conditions. These tires are designed with innovation in mind. Michelin® stands by their commitment to improvement and works hard to offer the best fuel efficiency in all their tires.

Commercial Tires
Ag Equipment In Field

Agricultural tires need to be strong, productive, and efficient in all the tasks they perform. Michelin® agricultural tires offer that and more. Not only do they boost your efficiency, but they reduce soil compaction which is essential for the development of plants and proper water drainage. Michelin® agricultural tires are an excellent option.

Agriculture Tires

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