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Enthusiasts Taking You Where You Want To Be.

High performance is the name of the game for BF Goodrich. If you want quality tires with a solid grip for maximum control then these are the tires for you. BF Goodrich strives to provide tires that deliver an enjoyable driving experience while still maintaining the highest level of performance possible. Choose between their top sellers including the g-Force R1 and R1S, the g-Force Rival, or the g-Force Rival S. The g-Force R1 is a DOT-approved R-compound track tire that’s built to win and offers consistency with each lap. The g-Force R1 S is the lighter alternative with softer compounds designed for faster warm-up and sprint racing. If you’re seeking long-lasting performance for low-cost endurance racing, the g-Force Rival is the way to go. If you want to take it up a notch with improved turn-in and transitional handling, check out the g-Force Rival S.

Protecting You

BFGoodrich knows that life happens when we least expect it, which is why they provide a standard manufacturer’s limited warranty on all tires. The warranty covers workmanship defects as well as material for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from the date of purchase, whichever comes first. Be sure to read your warranty for more details on BFGoodrich helps protect you from the unexpected!

BF Goodrich Tires in Greenville, SC

Signs of Wear and What it Means

It’s important to look out for signs of wear and know what it might indicate. For example, if you notice one-sided shoulder wear, it could mean several things including misalignment in front or rear tires, loose or worn suspension components, hard cornering, and so on. Inside and outside shoulder wear tends to be a result of improper inflation pressure, improper tire rotation and hard cornering. Keep in mind that many different factors determine the life expectancy or treadwear of a tire such as driving habits, geographical location, vehicle maintenance, and so on.

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BF Goodrich Tires in Greenville, SC

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